Has it really been this long?

2017-01-09 12:00:05 by IanEllard

Whoa. Wow. My time of inactivity has definitely gone by quickly.

So, 2016? Not my best year. The beginning of the year was great, but when my music making software just collapsed on me, there wasn't much to do. Art definitely took me somewhere, but just for a brief amount of time. I mean, I think my creativity burst from early 2016 has gone down a bunch and now all I do is play the ukulele and mandolin.

Oh right. About that.

I'm might just start posting original songs whilst playing the uke for you guys to hear. It'll probably be a song per month sort of thing, unless I get obsessed and do like I did with electronic music. Right now, I'm not experienced enough to play songs clearly, so originals probably won't appear soon. Expect them by March or April, if I practice enough. I might try doing easy covers of songs with the mandolin, but freting it is kind of hard.

So, art.

The Alpacalypse will definitely come back soon, but most of my series probably won't.

But anyway, there's your update, I'll be back with another in February or March.


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2017-04-01 00:34:50

You forgot to post in February or March.

IanEllard responds: